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Humanstrukturelle Theatertherapie - eine Möglichkeit des Ausagierens für Borderline-Patienten


The nonverbal therapy methods like theatre-, dance-, music- and art-therapy are an essential part of the holistic treatment of the Dynamic Psychiatry of the Berlin School which was founded by Günter Ammon and has been continued and expanded by his students. Dimensions of theatre, art and dance have been practised since the beginning of Günter Ammons therapeutical work as well as on the occasions of self experiencing events.
During further development of the treatment concept of the Dynamic Psychiatry of Günter Ammon ? the nonverbal methods were more and more intensified and integrated into the treatment concept.
On this basis the author has practised successfully her theatre therapeutical work since 20 years. In this paper, she emphasises the importance of the various ways of expression in the theatre therapy ? especially for borderline patients.



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