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Therapeutic Work with Actors in the Theatre Therapy of the Dynamic Psychiatry and the Russian Theatre Tradition by Stanislawsky


Theatre like dancing, music and art is, as a means of expression, as old as mankind and has been used in early medicine. The author has been practising therapeutic theatre in her outpatient therapeutic practice for 13 years according the concept of Günter Ammon´s Dynamic Psychiatry. It is a non-verbal possibility for patients in extension of their analytic therapeutic process to develop unconscious fantasies, wishes, feelings, experiences und future theatrical performance of literary play on stage. In the history of theatre the Russian artist, director and theatre manager Stanislavsky developed in an exemplary manner a system, whereby his learner-artists could learn every aspect of artistic performance while at the same time being placed in a position to fulfill their role as a whole person and a result to play out of unconscious. The author places her therapeutic theatre alongside the dramatic art of Stanislavsky on drama in relationship and regards it scientifically in the basis of the creativity-concept of Günter Ammon.



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